What Makes a Good VA?

If you’re hunting for an online job but doesn’t have the skills to be a web designer or programmer then being a virtual assistant maybe the job for you.

VA’s (Virtual Assistant) is the term used for being an online admin assistant or online secretary. Nowadays, a lot of businessmen opted to hire a VA instead of a secretary for various reasons. Offshore VA’s offer cheaper rates than actual secretaries. Online website owners also hire VA’s to help manage their websites or to market them.

So what do you need to be a VA?
Skills required are proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook. A VA should also be web savvy. It would help a lot if you would know how use advance searches online because most of the job requires internet researches. Excellent oral and communication skills are also required. Some clients would require you to talk to merchants, clients and customers on their behalf so fluency in the language is required.

A good and reliable computer is the best tool used by a VA. You should also have a fast and reliable internet connection. Some clients would require a dual monitor computer for more productivity.

Oftentimes your clients will be based outside of the country, integrity and trust is very important in maintaining a good working relationship with your client. They would give you their trust in accomplishing the project on time so its crucial for a VA to take care of their trust.

So if you’re planning to apply for a VA post, start by enhancing your internet and computer skills and you may be on your way to a satisfying career.


One thought on “What Makes a Good VA?

  1. Great description of what a VA needs Ella.

    Especially “Excellent oral and communication skills are also required.” another reason for this is that often it can be difficult for an entrepreneur /small business owner to provide instructions to their VA, should the VA’s language skills not be adequate.

    If someone is looking to improve a language a really good option is Rosetta Stone software šŸ™‚

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