Online Jobs and Winning Online Projects

As promised, here’s my updated list of home based job openings. Call centers has become one of the fastest growing industry in the Philippines. Last month, I came across an ad from Craigslist for Home based Call Center Agents. As i checked craigslist for new listings of home based jobs, I stumbled on it again.

Check out this links:
Home Based Call Center Rep
Home Based Team Lead
Virtual Assistant

For those of you who would like to venture into home based / online jobs, it would be best to post a profile to some outsourcing websites where “buyers” hunt for providers. Websites such as oDesk, iFreelance, Guru, and Elance are websites that posts remote and home based jobs. These websites offer escrow pay services to ensure you will get paid for the services you provide.

Start by posting and polishing your profiles. Write a good objective. Most of these websites have online tests and certifications available. Spend some time in answering them. This increases your credibility and probability of winning projects. Once you’re done, start bidding on projects. Interviews are mostly done by chat or phone interviews so make sure you have a headset / webcam ready.

God bless on your job hunt.


2 thoughts on “Online Jobs and Winning Online Projects

  1. Hi Ella,

    Thank you for your complement about Philippines the
    fastest growing industry in Call Center, yes its true!!
    Not only here in Makati City and Ortigas that we have a Call Center Company also in provinces.

    Thank you so much.


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