Start of the Mommy Diaries: Best Picture Ever

(I decided to share a part of me in this blog. And I am starting with my own Mommy Diaries.)

I know that probably 15 years after, my daughter would probably hate me for posting these pictures. What the heck! I never get tired of looking at them anyway!

I will never forget this face till I grow old. She was in her shrieking mode when she saw the ice cream man pulling his cart. She was blabbing out words only she can understand. So my mommy instinct gave in and even though I don’t know the content of the ice cream, I gave in.
Her eyes suddenly lit up with joy as she watch the “manong” puts the ice cream in a cone.
She never stops saying “mama! mama!”, then pointing out to the ice cream…


Her smile lights up her face as she hold her very own ice cream cone…


And she was unstoppable!


She fell asleep on our way home… and her shirt (courtesy of manong gem and ate tin2) was all drenched up with ice cream… tsk… tsk… but then again it was all worth it.


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