My VA Buddy: LogMeIn

I am still in the process of saving up money to purchase my first ever laptop. In the meantime, one of my biggest problem as a virtual assistant is accessing my computer when I am out of my home office. I couldn’t possibly bring my not-so-new tower pc to Boracay during a week-end getaway right?

It was actually a client of mine (thanks Nathaniel!) who introduced me to this great program LogMeIn. It allows you to remotely access your computer from any corner around the world. It’s as if you’re working with your own computer. You can securely access files, check emails, and open files from your desktop.

Best of all, you can download this program for FREE! They also offer other products and service such as LogMeIn Pro, LogMeIn Rescue, LogMeIn IT Reach and so much more.

For more details you can visit:

One great tool for on-the-go virtual assistants like me!


3 thoughts on “My VA Buddy: LogMeIn

  1. Hi Alfa,

    Here are the features of the FREE software: File transfer Move files quickly between PCs, Remote printing Automatically print remote files locally, Mini meeting Share your desktop for remote collaboration, Security 256-bit SSL encryption anchors layered security.

    The PRO version however has more features like drag and drop files, file sync, and a hole lot more.

    The only “bad” thing about it is that it uses a lot of bandwidth therefore slowing down your computer. But aisde from that, this so far is my best buddy ever!

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