Onshore or Offshore Virtual Assistant?

I am really overwhelmed with the number of hits and responses that I got from my post “Bidding Wars of Virtual Assistants”. This so far is my top post, ever since I started this blog. (yipee!) I wanted to thank everyone who read and posted comments to this post. (Keep it coming, please!)

The issue of whether an onshore virtual assistant is better than an offshore virtual assistant is very difficult or impossible to resolve. Both have different advantages to offer.

I personally enjoy this kind of competition. It actually challenged me to perform better at work and even exceed the expectations of my clients. Ever since, I have always been competitive at school and at work. And this “virtual competition” is actually different from what I am used to. I found myself fighting over an unknown territory. I must admit I am just new in virtual assistance, in fact, I just started November of last year. I found this career self-fulfilling, rewarding and challenging all at the same time.

Offshore VA’s have the advantage of offering lower rates because of lower costs of living. But again, this doesn’t imply that lower rates are equivalent to poor services. I must give credit to offshore VA’s for working outside of their comfort zones. We actually try our best to bridge the gap of the time zone by working during the graveyard shift.

Onshore VA’s have the advantage of working on the same time zone and understanding the culture. They also have the advantage of doing personal marketing to companies located within their state.

In the end it is not the readers, nor the blog writers who will decide on this issue. The answer will always remain on the client’s end. They will be the ones to decide whether an onshore or offshore VA will be best for them. For you guys, which will you prefer, onshore or offshore VA’s? (just a thought…)


2 thoughts on “Onshore or Offshore Virtual Assistant?

  1. I am also new in the virtual assistants’ world. It is for this reason that I am still exploring and trying to capture what it really is. This must also be the reason why I came across your post.

    Thanks for the information you have shared. And keep posting.

  2. Hi Ella,

    I thought this was a really interesting post and related to some experiences I’ve had with offshore assistants. I recently wrote a blog post titled “are personal offshore assistants really worth it?” (http://lifetinker.com/?p=29) My boyfriend and I have had a personal offshore assistant for about a year now, and we’ve had really mixed results – we’re using a company called Get Friday, based in India. We’re now looking to try other approaches to offshore assistants. We might need to check you out on oDesk!

    Thanks so much for starting this conversation –


    This is a great blog –

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