Mommy Diaries: Impactful Actions

I am now trying a website called “Impactful Actions“. This website provides a great tool in managing your long and short term goals. This is something I have been trying to avoid for the past months.

The last time I had to do goal setting was when I was still working as a Senior Team Lead in a call center. As a Sr. Team Lead, I have to do goal setting every month. It has to do with my team’s statistics and the whole site as well. However I find that much easier than confronting my “own” goals.

After leaving the company and decided to be a stay at home mom, I felt like the world crumpled at my very own eyes. Its not easy to give up financial stability for the sake of being a mom and a wife. At first, I had to convince myself that I made the right decision but its not as easy as what I thought it would be. I was faced with problems unfolding after the other. It was difficult for me to confront them and confronting includes doing goal-setting.

The hardest part in creating a goal is the fear of failure. My greatest fear was achieving none of them. I don’t want to disappoint my self. I didn’t have the confidence and I didn’t trust myself that I can.


Now, I spent the last 30 minutes answering the questions at the “Impactful Actions” website. And now I felt much better. I was able to dissect it according to short, medium and long term goals. I realized that in order to achieve my ultimate goals in life, I need to focus on the short term goals first. It gave me a new perspective on things.

I feel like I am starting to take control of my life. I feel like I am stepping forward. This is me, being courageous and enthusiastic about my plans and my family’s future…

Truly this website has a huge “impact” on me.


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