VA Tool: Meebo Instant Messenger

I’ve been looking for an all-in-one messenger service for months. Im actually tired of downloading different instant messenger services, aside from that, my computer is slowing down upon start up just for opening my IM programs alone.

Being a Virtual Assistant, IM is a very important tool for our job. Through IM’s VA’s can communicate to their clients for urgent tasks. This also lessens the mails flooding in our inbox. Aside from that, questions and clarifications are addressed right away. So it is crucial for VA’s to look for an all-in-one messenger service that will suit your needs.

One of the challenges that I encountered before was, some all-in-one IM’s do not integrate g-talk. Thanks to a dear friend (tonette), she introduced me to Meebo!

Meebo is a website instant messenging service, and best of all its FREE! No need for you to sign up for new accounts and no downloading required! (Woohoo!) You can connect to your clients at your AIM, yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and G-talk accounts.

Best part is, for website owners, you can add “meebo me” widget that will allow your visitors to chat with you directly! For virtual assistants like us, this is helpful for obtaining clients as well!
This widget is embeddable to your website.

Go ahead try it out!


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