Mommy Diaries: Mikee Idolizing Virtual Assistants

My little baby Mikee has become my source of joy and strength eversince she came into our lives. The one dull house has become a fun-filled room full of laughters and emotions. She can easily turn my fears away with just a touche of her hand, and she can even turn my grouchiness to happiness with just one laugh from her. I wish I can freeze this moment forever!

Now that she’s 1 year and six months old, she mimicks our words and talks a lot! She memorized the names of my virtual assistants and knows them one by one. I can remember how Mark’s face lit up one night when she asked her papa for another bottle of milk by saying “papa, ‘sa pa meek” (papa one more milk). She now prays at night and asks Jesus to guard each and every member of our family even her play mates “Cha-Cha and Mac-Mac” and ends her prayer with “Mi-men” (her very own version of Amen).

Each morning when she wakes up, she heads out of our room and goes straight into our office, sits right in front of one of the computers and types into the keyboards. I can’t help but laugh at the sight of her. She mimicks my way of working and even holds on to the mouse as if she knows how to use it! In this particular photo, she asked me to put on the headset and immediately after she said “Hello Lola!?”

Mikee has become a crucial part of Offshore Virtual Solutions. Now I don’t have to worry who to pass on the business when I grow old!


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