Offshore Virtual Solutions Graduates from Language and Accent Reduction Training3

Last May 1st, our team of virtual assistants went through 21 days of language and accent reduction training under the supervision of Mr. Marc Alvin Pastrana. From the correct pronunciations of ABC’s and 123’s to stress and pitch, the team definitely had gone through the hole of a needle.

Each of them had to go through a series of interviews and mock calls to test what they have learned. Some were scared to death, others cried, and some even said we drove them nuts! But despite the challenges, everyone agreed that it was all worth it. Aside from the training, we also immersed the team with a series of team buidling activities to boost camaraderie and team work among them.

Team Building activities include trust excercises, spider web maze, group activities and open forum. Truly itwas a fun filled experience that everybody enjoyed.

Last May 21st, OVS celebrated their graduation with a Luau Party. Certificates of Completion were given out to the team and we also gave out certificates of excellence to the outstanding performers namely: Analyn Valentin and Geovelyn Racia. We also awarded Leadership Excellence Award to Windy Joy Relato for her outstanding performance as the leader during the team building activities.

Everyone was in their best Hawaiian outfit! Children, family and friends joined us that night. Food was prepared by my loving husband and menu includes lumpiang shainghai, barbeque and lots of Filipino dishes. The evening was filled with fun and laughter. Karaoke Party all night long!


One thought on “Offshore Virtual Solutions Graduates from Language and Accent Reduction Training3

  1. Hi sis! Just want to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me share my knowledge and skills in teaching your agents perform well and speak well. Well, I think it’s a great job and a success right? Continue to share your blessing; you are a proof of a true angel. Keep it up Dude! God Bless!

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