New Washington Got Hit by Typhoon Frank

For the first time, after Typhoon Undang hit Aklan, New Washington got hit by a major typhoon last Saturday, June 21, 2008.

My team and I are trying to finish our weekly reminder calls for a client when the electricity went off. The news said that a storm is about to hit Western Visayas but its only at Signal Number 1. I didn’t mind the news. I am actually used to storms with signal number one. I thought this was just one of them.  I went to bed early hoping I could get back to work early that morning. But I was wrong.

I woke up at around 7am, disturbed by that loud whistling sound. It seems like a hurricane to me. I opened the curtains and was alarmed with what I saw. Trees are swaying and the rain was really hard. The wind blew hard tearing off every tree, leaves or object that are on his way. We saw trunks falling off from the trees. Then it became even stronger. Trees are now being torn off from the grounds. People ran off to a nearby shelter hoping to save themselves from a sure accident. Nature unfolded its wrath.

I was trembling with fear when the glasses at our kitchen windows started to break. Our kitchen is only made of wood and nipa and could easily break. Boom! A coconut tree fell right at our kitchen.

5 hours later, our house has been torn apart and hundreds of people are now homeless. A mudslide has happened to Kalibo, killing hundreds of people. New Washington (and Aklan) suddenly became a ghost town.

No electricty. No Water Supply. No Mobile Phones. Until Now.

Earlier today, I went to Kalibo hoping I could buy milk for Mikee. But it was even worse than New Washington. Every house or business establishment is all covered with mud.

No fast food chains. No grocery stores. No ATM machine. No Banks. No hospitals.

I actually rented a generator for tonight to email my clients and keep contact with relatives and friends.

Worst. Our gasoline station ran out of gas. Supplies are running out in New Washington. And with Kalibo in accessible, how will the people here find means?

I was wondering, did we ever get the attention from the news for any help? If we did, will it ever reach New Washington? Where will we seek help?

I am thankful to God because he kept me, my family and my team safe. But my heart cries out with hundreds of people who lost their loved ones, and homes.  Will help ever reach us, I wonder.

For those who will read this blog. I hope you can help us. ( You can reach me at +639103993192 or email me at


26 thoughts on “New Washington Got Hit by Typhoon Frank

  1. Hi, This is Che from Sacramento, CA. I had the blog fired out like crazy. Only 10 hours has passed, and I had 800 hits. London, Saudi Arabia, California to New York, Canada, Norway, Australia, Singapore, etc. At least 5 organizations already are moving, writing & soliciting.

    Will keep you posted. Hang in there. Please tell everyone we are thinking and working so hard to get all the possible help we can generate.

  2. HI Ella
    We will do our best to contact a lot of people so that news will spread and relief can be mobilised quickly.

    Keep us informed…

    My father was in BLISS when the typhoon happened so I know how you feel…
    I was crying in the TUBE on my way to work after I spoke to my neighbour this morning.

    Love from London
    Chloris Boliver Flint

  3. Dear Ella:

    We are seeking help from organizations here and posted an appeal on Unheard No More. Stay safe – we hope help will be on the way by the time you read this. Best wishes to you and your community.

  4. Hi Ella,
    I’m glad to hear you and your family are okay now. I will tell my company about this. TP will actually go to Ilo2x this weekend to help out. We will have employees who volunteered to help give out food, goods, etc and help out the people there. I will let our office know and see what we can do. Take care always. I will be praying for you guys.

  5. Hi Ella. its so sad to hear about this news, I hope you don’t mind if I can repost it and link it back to your site, I hope everything will be ok soon. May God Bless you all.

  6. Hi Ella,
    Do you have a bank acct. so we could send a little help?
    txt me your bank acct. it is the fastest way to leave a message for me..0927-6007008
    Hope it could help..
    God Bless you!! God is Good!


  7. Hi Ella,

    I heard the New Washington was heavily flooded — I’m glad to hear you and your family are okay despite this.

    Thanks to the added attention to Aklan, there are now more initiatives to help our province.

    My friend from Dubai and another friend working in ABS CBN managed to add pressure to ABS — as a result, ABS CBN will distribute goods tomorrow. They also insisted that the goods be distributed in other areas and NOT just Kalibo.

    I hope these goods are properly distributed.

    God Bless!

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  9. For everybody who posted their comments, a big thanks! God is good! I am so touched with all of your care and support. I really do hope that help will reach New Washington esp those that are badly affected by the TYphoon.

    Drei, Thanks for letting your office know about us. Just keep me posted for any updates.

    Nina – sure, go ahead and repost it to your site. I am hoping to spread the word about what happened here in Aklan and hope that organizations or the government can help.

    Yohan, I sent you an email.

    Aileenation, Im so happy to hear that ABS CBN will help. I will tell my team about this so they can get help too.

    To everyone who included us in your prayers, a big big thanks!
    Hope help will continue to pour in

  10. I included a link to your 2 posts “New Washington Got Hit by Typhoon Frank”, and “Aftermath and Survival after Typhoon Frank”. Hope that’s alright. I’m the wife of an Aklanon, trying to help in spreading the word.

  11. Ella,

    Found you while searching for any news about New Washington. I don’t know where you are specifically but I hail from the same place as you do. Our ancestral house is the first one on the left as you enter the road leading to Malogo. My folks had been badly affected too but they’re hanging in there just like you.

    I’ll leave something in your debit account to help you out a bit.

  12. Hello Ella,

    Im Val , A Kalibonhon based in MAnila. I went home to KAlibo last Wednesday to personally check my parents and to know their needs. I just got back this afternnon. I found the town in Shambles. All the roads are covered in Mud. Our house is completely in disarray…Owa gid it mapuslan from the TV etc.
    The good thing is that they are physically well after all the trauma thay have been thru.

    I posted pictures of the Kalibo in a multiply account I created just to show the gravity of the situation …

    You can check the pics ath

    Needs in Aklan right now :

    Candles,Anti mosquito lotions, WATER!, Canned goods, Medicines….

    I would also like to request everyone to pray for the quick recovery of our Congressman Joeben Miraflores woh suffered for Mild stroke, as of now, He is on the way to Manila via private jet to be taken to the Philippine Heart Center.

    Its about time Aklanons from all over hold hands together to help our love ones back home.

    May God Bless Aklan…

    Val Magallanes

  13. hello, I´m in Munich, Germany, I have many friends in Aklan, I`m concerned.
    I sent money via Western Union, why is only 1 of their places online, my friends are waiting in front how many days,in vain, only 30 out of 300 get their money? Same in Ibajay I heard.
    What´s the latest about electricity, banks, internet, landlines?
    My friends have not heard yet of any relief goods coming, cant´t someone borrow those speaker-cars used for elections, go to ALL streets, followed by trucks with the donations, so people can get relief fast and on the spot, without the humiliation many hours wait and fight, and then 2 kilos rice lng left?
    I left blogs on kidsahoy forum.
    Ingat, God bless and protect you,
    Erika Waldeyer,
    friend of Aklan

  14. Hi Ella!

    my boyfriend works for RCPI Western Union (USSC) as an IT Coordinator and he went there last week to fix the computers and their connection for their 2 branches. he was texting me the whole time that you guys were the ones who suffered the most because of typhoon frank. he also told me that if he stays there for a week more he’s going to suffer depression or something like that. i’m from Iloilo and yes people died and the city is so dirty but still we kinda manage to stand up days after unlike you there who really had a hard time. he actually took pictures which i’m also going to post on my blog tomorrow. my sympathy and prayers go to you and your family. hope you recover from this whole nightmare soon!
    God Bless!

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  17. Hello Erika,

    Latest in Kalibo is that banks are now operational. I think Metrobank now have their ATM up and running. For the last few days, western union’s line was unbelievable.

    Electricity is still down as well as our phone lines. So far, smart bro is the only internet service provider that is up and running.

    Regarding relief goods, I think their municipal hall has their list of families who should receive relief goods. That’s we’re the problem starts. My team and us aren’t even listed because they said, our houses are only partially damaged. (sounds unfair huh?) but I guess that’s how it is… Though I am still happy that Aklan started to receive a lot of relief goods.

    Thanks and God Bless Us All

  18. Just wondering what is the present situation there? Obviously help seems a bit slow but I am sure all are doing there best. Just hoping that water and electricity could be supplied soon.Many are still in evacuation center and essentials are hard to come buy. It is indeed a sad episode and not enough coverage is given in the news about New Washington.

    Thanks to all for the post.

  19. Thank you Ella, for your reply.
    My friends in Kalibo told me they have electricity now, and they found 1 Internet place open, always packed with people.
    Is there really no other?
    The friends also say that the ATM at BPI is still not open, and the lines are endless?
    Now a new worry: I´m receiving texts today, there was another landslide in Libacao on Friday, sending a new mud flow to Kalibo?!?
    I checked the internet and local news in vain, can you or someone PLEASE UPDATE; SO PEOPLE CAN EITHER RELAX; OR PREPARE FOR THE NEXT DESASTER? Thank you, ingat and God bless!

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  23. hi people of aklan,,especially there in new washington,,almost 2 years was past after typhoon frank hit our home town..but despite we all still strong..i hope it will not happen again..
    god bless mga aklanon..
    bangon aklan!!

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