Pictures During Typhoon Frank (at New Washington, Aklan)

8 days after Typhoon Frank has hit the Western Visayas, people are now slowly picking up the pieces. We all try to live our normal lives. Just this morning, classes for elementary, high school and college students went back to school to help out cleaning their campuses. Gaisano Mall in Kalibo partially operates while banks are now back to business. Water supply has also resumed.

Here are more photos from June 21st, Saturday morning:

The winds blew heavily amongst the trees, the sea level slowly rises…

Taken at Green Hut Resort, New Washington. Sea Level is usually 5 feet below this veranda. But that Satruday morning, the waves are higher than ever.

A view outside our gate, as the waters from the sea flooded our streets (Rizal)

For those who are eager to know what Kalibo looks like now, here are some pictures taken today:

Over the weekend, several helicopters have landed at Aklan State University fields, these are a few photos of what New Washington has received:

Earlier today, I have received news that Congressman Joeben Miraflores suffered a mild stroke. Please include him in your prayers.

Aklan survived typhoon Frank, now, we are all striving to pick up the pieces and rebuild the town that was…


11 thoughts on “Pictures During Typhoon Frank (at New Washington, Aklan)

  1. Hello,
    I’m married to MaryJoan R. Salvador from Magsaysay Blvd, New Washington, until now we have no contact with her family. We are very worried and hopefully we’ll be able to receive some news from them. Thank you for updating us with the latest news & pictures. I hope they can recover soon from this devastation.

    Lou Noceda

  2. Hello Joanne – Thanks for putting up a link and spreading the word. I erally appreciate it.

    Hello Lou – Maybe I can help locate your wife. I will try to look for your wife and ask my husband to help out too (he’s more familiar with people here). Who’se the parents of Mary Joan? Sila Tatay Bala daw po ba?

    Kindly email me your phone number and contact details so If we get hold of her we can call you. My email address is:

    Thaanks and God Bless

  3. Hi Ella,

    I hope that life is getting partially back to normal after the Typhoon. I will keep you and your country in my thoughts.


  4. im very sad of what happened to my hometown. it’s a paradise for me. i wish ung root ng problem ma-trace bakit ganito kalaki ang impact ng flood.

  5. Hello. I’m from Ibajay, Aklan but i’m currently in Manila studying. My mom told me how devastated our province is, and although I can picture it in my mind, there is no comparison to what i actually saw in the pictures. I’m always praying that our province will recover this tragedy and rise to the its restored place.
    Let us pray that God will give us the courage and guide us always, that this will not happen again. A minute of prayer for our kababayan will count.
    Get well soon Congressman. We are praying for your quick recovery!

  6. hello,im from Bacoor,Cavite. My daughter and my grandaughter together with her husband’s family is there in New Washington.Tambak.They are working in Lyca Cafe. I hope you will always post whatever is the news there about the weather there to give me update.Thanks.

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