Electricity, Scrapbooks and Clippings

Though I work full time as a virtual assistant I actuall have my own set of “AFI’s” (areas for improvement) My graphic design skills and knowledge with adobe photoshop is very minimal. Techniques like background removal would actually take me hours to complete. With my very busy schedule, I barely have the time to spend for my personal tasks (believe me I would rather sleep).

With 21 days of no electricity, I actually had the time for myself and my family. I rekindled my passion for scrapbooking (inspired by scrapscene)  and also taking pictures of my baby Mikee. I was able to make my first ever mini book of Mikee…

I barely recognize that I actually have spent the entire day just cutting and pasting colorful materials for the book. I also had the time to revisit our pictures.

Electricity came back yesterday. And one of the first things I did (I turned on the airconditioning unit right away!) was to look for a background removal software. I honestly didn’t check my mails (theres gazillions of them). And after a few clicks i found clipapic.

According to ClipAPic: “Clip A Pic specializes in image clipping that generates quality flexible and convenient to use clipping paths of your scans, gifs, jpegs and illustrations. Our background removal service is quick and easy to use. At a price that is very affordable.”

So I signed up for a free account,  and uploaded Mikee’s Picture.

All I have to do now is wait…

Now that we already have electricity, let me start opening those gazillion emails…


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