ClipAPic, Ice Cream and Ati-Atihan

Yummy Ice Cream

Yummy Ice Cream

This is my favorite picture yet of Mikee. It was actually taken last January 2008 during the Ati-Atihan festival in Kalibo. It was a hot sunny day and it was her first time to actually see the tribes dance with their colorful costumes.

While waiting for the next tribe she spotted an ice cream vendor. This is her look after she took her first lick. And I was so happy I got my camera ready! This is the same photo I submitted to clipapic for background removal.

I was so excited to see the output. I am excited to use the clipped image.

I actually didn’t expect the image to come back so soon. But it actually did. Just a few hours after I made

After Background Removal

After Background Removal

yesterday’s post the image came back to me clipped already. I was able to save precious time and effort in removing the background or worse, ruining the best picture of my daughter. Plus the possibilities of where I can use this picture is endless.

Best of all, I got Clipapic‘s service for free! Clipapic provides a free trial of their clipping services. All you need to do is to sign up at their website, upload your image and activate your account. And after a few hours you will receive your edited image.

Here are some information about Clipapic’s Clipping Services:

24/7 availability, 365 days a year: Our website is our online office open and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week

· Fees are affordable: As little as $0.50

· Process is convenient: Simply upload your image on

· Fast turn around time: Have you clipping path in as little as 2 hours

· Satisfaction is guaranteed: High quality hand-made clipping paths by artists and graphics specialists

· First clipping path is FREE

Now I am off to buy myself an ice cream!


2 thoughts on “ClipAPic, Ice Cream and Ati-Atihan

  1. That’s a very cute picture! I tried signing up for a clipapic account but when I click the link on the email that validates my account, it always say that it failed. There’s something wrong with their system.

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