Goal Setting and Tools

Last February, I signed up at Impactful Actions website and used it for goal setting. After I used it I was so eager to start working on my goals. Several months after, I revisited my account there.

I reviewed all the goals that I have set last February and I was thrilled to realize that I was able to achieve 90% of my long term goals. In a span of 4 months I was able to start with my multi Virtual business, set up a small office space (right beside my kitchen) for my te,am and set up out website.

As I reflect and look back, though 4 months seemed to have gone by so quickly, I have gone through difficult times before I was able to achieve them.

I didn’t realize the achievements I made for the past 4 months. Impactful Actions made me appreciate the value of goal setting. By clearly defining my goals I was able to distinguish what I really wanted to achieve in life. I can’t wait to fill out my new set of short and long term goals at impactful actions.

I would highly recommend that you use Impactful Actions as your goal setting tool. They offer a very affordable rate of only $10. Whats best is that they will also plant 70 trees in your behalf if you sign up. It will not only help you define your goals and action plans, it will also help save the earth.

I’m gonna stop writing for now. Im excited to start my goal setting for the next 6 months.


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