Looking for Time Management Tools

24 hours in one day isn’t enough for me to finish all my daily routines. My daily itenerary includes:

7AM: Wake up and eat breakfast

8AM – 1130 AM – Work! Work! Work!

11:30 – 2:00PM Lunch and Afternoon naptime for Mikee

2:00PM – 7PM – Back to work! work! work!

7:00 – 10:00PM Dinner and Mikee’s Sleeping Time

10:00 PM – 3:00AM Work Work Work

3:00AM – 7AM – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

As you can tell, I barely have time for myself or for my husband! And I badly need help for time management. I know for sure that this is the same thing for most of the moms out there. We feel that the hours wouldn’t be enough to finish all our seemingly endless to do lists.

Time Management is indeed a skill that needs to be learned and adopted. I started to do researches about time management. I’m looking for tools that will actually aid me in managing my personal tasks as well as running my own virtual assistant business.

One of the tools that I found was Impactful actions. This website focus mainly on goal settings both short and long term. As well as time management. You can actually list out all your to do’s be it personal or work related.I enjoyed using this tool for goal setting and planning my life and its truly very helpful.

Though I am still open for your suggestions. What do you think is the best time management tool out there? What are your recommendations?


2 thoughts on “Looking for Time Management Tools

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