Thank You for Being a Part of My Life

I turned 27 last August 18, and every year since I started blogging, I have always wrote a personal recollection of my life. Now I’m 27… boy time flies so fast.

Year after year, I discover a lot of new things about myself. Things I never thought existed within me. Learning has been constant.

Looking back, I have a good life. God has blessed me with so many things. He gave me a biological mother (Teresita Vargas)  that paved the way for me to exist here on earth. Of course I also have a biological father (which I don’t know anything about) But I will forever be eternal thankful for them, for if not for them, I wouldn’t have enjoyed life at all without them. Though for 27 years, you guys were still a big missing piece of my puzzle. But I have whole heartedly accepted the truth, and I actually have forgiven you. In fact I will forever be grateful, cause you have given me to the best parents and you have chosen to entrust my life with 2 people who have unconditionally loved me, all of me… I still with though that someday, somehow, I will have the chance to get to know you and thank you.

God blessed me with the best parents in the whole world. They have loved me more than their own and have shown me love, support that is so huge that even I can not fathom. They have accepted me, my strengths and my weaknesses. They’ve been with me during the happiest moments of my life and they have guided me and supported me during the darkest chapters. They have never abandoned me despite my weaknesses and shortcomings. I couldn’t ask for more. I just wish that during their life, I will be able to give back the love, support and happiness that they have given me for 27 years.

A loving husband… For 4 years, he never gave me flowers. He never did, until that morning of August 18. It was my happiest birthday. The night before, my daughter and I played the whole night and spent the night watching Harry Potter’s movie cuddling in front of the television. So I planned to wake up late the following morning and just forget about work… But Mikee and Mark woke me up with a big suprise! 3 Red Roses and a picture with a poem written by my husband. I couldn’t express the happiness that I have felt. It was so overwhelming that I was crying. This is the first time in almost 5 long years that I was appreciated and loved.Don’t get me wrong though…i know he loves me, he’s just not the romantic and expressive kind of guy. Bhe, though I may be an imperfect wife, and I know that I may have hurt you a couple of times, but i want you to know that I love you more than I could ever show.

Mikee, she is my greatest blessing. She’s the reason I love life and living life. She helps me keep going. I probably have given up a couple of times but the mere reason of her existence is more than enough for me to carry on with life. It will probably be a couple more years before you can read this honey, but I want you to know that I love you with my whole heart, and I will always be here for you no matter what. Thank you for lighting up my life 🙂

My epVirtual Assistants business, this so far has become the greatest accomplishment I ever had. Putting up my very own Virtual Assistance Business. This business has brought out the best and worst in me. Yet it has taught me to be strong. Brought back the confidence and self -esteem that I once lost. To my team, the success of epVirtual Assistants is all because of you. Thank you for all your hard work and understanding. Most of all, thank you for your loyalty, despite all the challenges that we had faced, you stood by me, and remained loyal with the company. I can never thank you enough.

Friends. For 27 years I have met and lost a lot friendships. People who played a very important role in my life, that without them, life is less more colorful. Friends who accepted me despite of all my weaknesses, who loved the real me even during my deepest moments. People who was there at the peak of my life and who stood by me in my moments of despair.

Diane – thanks for those moments when you just let me cry my heart out every after heartache that I have gone through.. I missed you

Kathrina – for loving me and accepting me unconditionally despite my bad sides. I will never be this way without you.

Selina and Perth – for sharing with me your time, happy moments and bearing with the tears and fears of my life. For being there when I needed somebody to lean on. I know I can never thank you enough.

I have a long list of people to thank but I guess, this post would be that boring. So I will just send you a personal note to personally thank you for all that you have done.

27 years of life and love, of heartaches and pains. But I am no longer afraid. Cause I know I certainly can face every thing. I have GOD.

Thank You Lord, for being YOU and for being my constant companion in Life.


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