Relieving Pregnancy Pains

For soon to be mommies out there, there are a lot of pains that will be encountered along the way. There’s morning sickness, gaining weight, darkening of some skin spots and back pain.

I stumbled upon this article and I wanted to share it with pregnant women out there:

Treating Back Pain in Pregnant Women: A New Approach

As pregnancy advances, as many as 80% of women experience significant pain in their feet, legs, neck, and back.  Most people believe  wearing good  shoes and massage is all you can do about this very common affliction.

According to Dr. Ron Worley, a San Diego podiatrist, a hormone is released in pregnancy that allows  stretching of ligaments in the pelvis to facilitate the birthing process. “Unfortunately, Relaxin allows the foot ligaments to stretch, thus  allowing the feet to spread and flatten out. This causes pain and strain in the arch, heels, on the knees, hips, and back and adds to the strain produced by the growing baby.”

Dr. Worley says custom-made foot orthotics offer great relief. “Orthotics are custom made supports that cradle the feet inside the shoes and hold them in a corrected position. They are a safe, effective,  non-invasive treatment for the foot and postural problems of pregnancy.  They are effective in treating the same problems in others as well.”

Dr. Worley is available for interviews and lectures on this subject and other related matters.


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