Maximize Your Time With Clientspot

As a VA there are many obstacles. As with many jobs organization is easily at the top of the list. I need to be able to grab all of my client’s information quickly and get to work on their projects. I also need to keep track of how much time I’m working on each task in the project in order to invoice correctly.

Previously I was using multiple programs to get this done. Having to open different files, emails, and sites to get all the information for one project and keep track of everything. But no longer! ClientSpot is my one location to keep everything needed.

Once I create a project I then added tasks, files and comments as I work. If it is a project that I need a lot of interaction from the client or I am working with a subcontractor then I can add them on as a user. They can also upload files in the project and I can create tasks for the subcontractor with a due date right for all of us to see. One of the biggest time savers in this section for me is the tasks.

Each task shows the time on it and any comments. I can create a due date for it and then it will show up on the calendar. But adding the time for each task in this same program cuts down on having yet another browser window open on my computer and creating spreadsheets. I have it broken down by the minute how long I or my subcontractors have worked on a project. At the end of the month or project I can easily pull all of the hours for invoicing. Again, saving me a ton of time by keeping track of it all in the same spot.

A major time waster I find is having to go back and forth in my emails for log ins and clients comments on projects. By adding them as a user I can have them comment directly in ClientSpot. I can upload any files they have sent me and I can go and put any log in info for projects right into the project comments. I open one program and have literally everything I need to get to work.

Now that I can grab everything quickly I can add more projects to my day. It’s amazing how much time you spend looking for all of this information in one day. Especially when you work on multiple projects in one day. Hours a week spent pulling up all of this information can now be spent on new clients and new projects for current clients. ClientSpot can give you more hours to your day!


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