Starting Out Your Virtual Assistant Business

One more month to go, and I will celebrate my first year of being in the Virtual Assistance business. Starting my very own virtual assistance business isn’t as easy as it may seem. At first I thought, all I need was a reliable internet connection and a state-of-the-art computer. But I was wrong. Virtual Assistance is not a business for everyone. It requires skills, dedication and commitment.

For those of you who are thinking of becoming a virtual assistant, here are some tools and tips that will be helpful a long the way.

1. Research – before you start bidding on projects or signing up at different freelance sites, conduct a research about the industry of virtual assistance. VAnetworking is one great source that will answer all of your questions regarding the industry. You will find various free resources and articles that will help you build your very own virtual assistance business. You will find definitions, resources, tools that you will need, and even free teleseminars to help you develop the skills needed for the business. I have been a member of VAnetworking since March and I truly appreciate all the support I got from their community.

2. Invest – As a virtual assistant you would need to invest in different tools and training programs to help you succeed in the industry. Tools such as project management software such as clientspot, anti-virus, online storage, and a whole lot more. There are also several coaching programs that will help you develop the skills that you need.

3. Marketing – First step to efficient marketing is to build up your profile and web presence. Sign up at different freelance sites such as odesk or elance so you can start building your credibility online. It is also as important for you to develop your web presence. One way of doing this is by creating your own personal blog. A lot of successful VA’s get clients right from their very own blogs. Comment on other blogs or participate in different forums, introduce yourself and your services. You will never know, you might get your very first client from there!


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