Being Organized!

I was never an organized freak! Even during my school days, I loved studying in the midst of clutter. I can still recall my mom scolding me about my room being so dirty. But not until I began reading Marcia’s Organizing Queen blog.

I started my VA business November of 2007 and it has been a constant struggle for me to keep things organized (especially with my 2 year old daughter Mikee!). This is what my desk looks like before. I work with most of the things on top of my desk. Files, papers, headset, cd’s, etc. This is what my file keeper looks like as well. Its lying right next to me desk.

But when I started to read more about organizing, I saw the benefits of maintaining a clutter free home office. I have followed Marcia’s advices on how to keep the files organized, what needs to stay on top of my desk etc…

This is what my desk and file keeper looks like now:

Before and After shots:

Now, I work can easily find things and files that I need. I work comfortably and my productivity increased.



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