Celebrating My First Year In The VA Industry

I can’t believe it. It has been a year already since I started working from home.

It was an accident actually.

I resigned as a Jr. Management team from one of the reputable call centers here in the Philippines because of being a first time mom. And since my hubby doesnt have work, we decided to relocate to our province in Aklan to start a new life. It was financially back to ground zero.

We put up a very small store and converted the store to also a “living space” That is where we practically sleep, eat and live. With our one year old daughter it was so difficult.

We were the first ever subscriber of a Broadband Internet Service Provider. The reason I subscribed is because I was planning to accept typing jobs from students. I also wanted to look for a job abroad. And days of research, I was leaded to the virtual assistance industry.

My first ever client was for craigslist ad posting. It was a very odd job because I was posting for a “Romantic Ad” on craigslist. I was practically looking for a Girlfriend for my client. At first I had hesitations. My relatives think the same way too…

But then I made more research about the industry, participated in different forums. And commented on several virtual assistance jobs.

Here I am now, managing my own small team, living a simple yet very fulfilling life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the richest person here in our community. But this industry gave me the financial stability that I once had.

I’ve had several clients. Some didn’t stay for long but I was able to find long term clients that suit my skills.

Working from home isn’t as easy as it seems. In fact, I find it more difficult than working on a normal office. Because as a virtual assistant, I own my business and I have to manage it. And it takes a lot of time, effort and energy invested in it to become successful.

My plan for this first year is to be able to help as many Filipinos to work from home and encourage them as well to become a virtual assistant. I do have a lot of plans for the year ahead, I want to venture into training people, launching my very first e-book, launching my first podcast and enroll in online classes that will further enhance my skills as a VA.

Cheers to a wonderful year that was and a splendid year ahead!


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