A Virtual Assistant’s Wish List this Christmas

christmas-giftNo one can deny that Christmas is here. This is my second Christmas here in the province and my first as a Virtual Assistant. I haven’t actually made any christmas shopping as of yet and I still have 6 other VA’s to include in my Christmas list.

Then I thought what would a VA want for Christmas? What would I want for christmas?

I came up with my own top 10 lists of gifts I wanted (or hoping) to receive:

1.Β  Bonus! – I guess one of the things I missed from being an “employee” is receiving bonus from the company. As a VA, we cannot mandate our clients to give us one (but Im sure that most VA’s like me would hope to receive one!)

2. A free online training – I still consider myself a newbie in the Industry and to be honest I still have a long way to go in terms of training. For months I have been dying to be able to attend to online trainings offered by other remarkable VAs such as Dreamweaver Basic, Photoshop Basics, and Internet Marketing.

3. SPA! -Honestly I haven’t been to a spa my whole life! I wanted to but I have always thought it was a waste of my hard earned money. I would rather spend on investing it to office supplies rather than treat myself.

4. Referral – I once read that the best compliment one can ever get is thru referrals. And it is very true.

5. Promotional Items from Client’s office – I surely appreciate personalized items with my client’s logo in it. I’m sure that other VA’s would agree with me that it is something we can display in our small office. Something nice to collect.

6. Testimonials – Even a simple recommendation for LinkedIn or a testimonial that we could post at our websites and profiles is priceless.

7. Nicer Office Chair – I still use a dining chair till now. It has been long in my shopping list but I don’t even know why I haven’t bought one.

8. Award – it can be just a simple certificate or an engraved trophy. Even if VA’s work in our very own home office it is still rewarding to see recognition from clients.

9. Digital Photo Frame – I have gazillions of pics that I wished I could show off.

10. Personalized Gifts – whether its a client’s own e-book or a jewelry they made, the thought that the gift is made by you is already rewarding enough.

Of course I don’t expect that my clients would send me these gifts, but I hope that the readers of this blog who has other VA’s too would get an idea what a VA would want this season.

Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “A Virtual Assistant’s Wish List this Christmas

  1. Hi! Ella! Nice entry.. try the spa.. it’s really worth your money or even a Thai Foot Massage. After every hard work done, I usually get a massage or a facial.

  2. Yeah you’re right! I should try pampering myself after a hard work… I can’t even remember the last time I did something for myself! Thanks Yolynne

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