Suggestions for 2009 Planner?

I have been Marcia’s Organising Queen blog follower and she influenced me a lot in terms of organising my life as a whole and my VA business. I’m still a newbie and still have a long way to go in terms of this but I surely learned a lot of things.

I envied her post about her 2009 planner and too bad Im located in a rural province that doesn’t have a decen’t bookstore that sells similar planners. I looked online and found several planners. However most of them are either focusing on the barnd of the planner or just too expensive for me. I am actually looking for something that would fit my lifestyle and busy needs.

Of course most of the planners have a daily time of 8am – 7pm for all other normal individuals. However my day starts at the opposite. Since most of my clients are based in the US and UK I work late at night. Is there such a thing as a 24-hour daily planner? I would love to have one! I guess  I will have to continue my quest to look for a planner…

In the meantime, I will go back and use my MS Office One Note since it helps me organize my life! and rely on outlook for my appointments! Unless you guys have a better suggestions. Anyone?


One thought on “Suggestions for 2009 Planner?

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think I have ever seen a 24 hour planner even here in the states. I have seen really good calendar programs you can purchase and download onto your computer. You should try that!~Christi

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