2009 – Zero Negative Feedback

2009 is finally here… This year I didn’t set any New Year’s Resolution but Ive set an ultimate goal for myself and for my business: Zero Negative Feedback from Clients.

For 2008, we have learned a lot of things and new experiences. Some of it were bad experiences from clients which we got negative feedbacks from. And in the virtual assistance industry, negative feedback can break your business. Learning from that experience, I am currently working on a motivation campaign with my team that focuses on eliminating negative feedback and seeking to provide excellent service to our clients. 

I know this goal isn’t that easy to achieve, there are a lot of areas that we need to work on such as improving our skills, our communication with clients and a whole lot more. So I am raising up my sleeves ready to work hard on achieving this. 

What about you, what’s your ultimate goal for the year 2009?


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