Christmas in New Washington Part 2

I know… I know holidays are way over but I reveiwed my blog and realized I wasn’t able to make my second post about my Christmas here in New Wash.

This is by far the best Christmas I have ever enjoyed. To be honest thchristmas day was a quiet one for me and my family but days prior to that we have thrown numerous unplanned parties in our backyard. And boy there were a lot of crazy crazy stuff.

My team and I had our christmas party at our backyard and since we are only 7 we decided to join my hubby’s group of men! There were a lot of delicous foods, fun party games and drinking! Best part is my husband surprised us with a video presentation which involves messages from our very own clients! (Watch out I plan to upload it here too!) Here are some pics from our christmas party!



Check out all our pictures in Gamma Brotherhood’s blog site!


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