Updating My Study Table

img_0012Ive had this study table since grade school years. My mother gave this to me, some of the money that was spent on this table was out of my savings from Christmas presents and my mom added more so I can but this table. I can still remember how excited I was. She also bought me a matching bed (which is still very much alive and is being used at my mom’s house still).

If my calculation is right this table is already 20 years old! It has worned out over time and the top desk is already ugly. Yesterday I found the scrapbook material that was given to me by my client – Todd and Angie of Scrapscene last year. However I wasn’t able to use it for a scrapbook cause I can’t find any decent scrapbook here in Aklan. (We don’t have a decent bookstore or craft store here). I planned to use it for my baby’s picture but I decided to give my table an updated look.

img_0004I used the papers to make-over my desk and I also added my family’s pictures too. I really love how it turned out! Thanks Todd and Angie for this gift!

Im not really that crafty so this might still look ugly to some of you but for me my table never looked this better!While I was doing this I was actually afraid that I might not be able to pull it all together. I don’t have similar pages of paper so I have to think of a way to somehow spread them all out.

It was actually a very fun project for me and my daughter (oh yes she helped out messing with my tools! LOL).

After we finished doing it I can’t help but take photos of it. I can’t even wait to start using my desk!. I guess this desk is already a motivational tool for me to keep working!

Here’s what it looked like after putting back my stuff in it.



My Updated Study Table!

img_0013My Family

img_0011My Little Nook


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