Attending the Higantes Parade at Kalibo

Boy yesterday was a blast! It is my first time to personally attend the Higante (Giants) Festival yesterday at Kalibo. I brought my 2 year-old daughter and hubby with me. This is the 2nd year that Ati-Atihan Festival hosted a Higante Festival. Municipalities from all over Aklan created their own entries and it was truly a sight to remember. I took some photos of the entries that was there and I want to share them with you!

Here’s the entry from Buruanga.img_0007

Here’s the entry from Kalibo. I personally like this too.. This is one of my top 3 bet 🙂img_0019

This is the entry from Malinao. Loved the snake and the rat that the giant is holding. LOL


Entry from Nabas. They used their main product which is the “banig”. It’s a native wooven material.img_0030

This is from my hometown of New Washington. Since I am from here and I want to share this with all the people from New Washington. I posting more photos. Keep Scrolling down cause its fun to see our very own Giant!


The Dance Troupe from New Washington


The band! This group is being lead and managed by a good friend Brgy. Capt. Samuel Remigia. (He’s the one with a green hat).img_0043

Our Higante is riding a boat. Two things. New washington is a town by the beach and the main livelihood here (before) is fishing. But now a days most of the men here are working as a Seaman / SeaFarer abroad.

On a closer look… Did they create this giant after Pres. Obama? (LOL)



Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures! This is a busy week here in the province of Aklan because of the Ati-Atihan festivals and I will be your eyes all throughout! 🙂 Lets enjoy the festivities together.


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