Week full of Mishaps

Here’s my story:

Over the weekend, we experience severe power outage here in New Washington. Image 7 times power black out in just a duration of 3 hours! Unfortunately I only have an AVR and I don’t have a UPS. So the computers turned off and on the whole time. Ive got 3 computers in the office and one laptop.

After the 7th blackout, I tried opening up my newest pc, unfortunately its no longer working. We plugged in the second one and BOOM! The computer made a loud banging sound and the power also didn’t work. The third one worked but its the oldest model that I have (and the slowest too)!

I panicked! I am in the middle of a deadline and I cannot afford not to work! Its only 4am and I called up our technician. Unfortunately he’s still sound asleep. I remembered its Ati-Atihan festival so the repair shops will definitely be closed at Kalibo. Frustrated as I was I went back to sleep.

When I woke up, i tested the computers again and to my dismay both of them really didn’t work. The following morning I brought the other one to a repair shop the second one was brought to where I bought it since it still has warranty.Good thing is we have extra money to make room for the repairs.

The motherboards and powersupply both got damaged. I spent almost $300 just for the repairs. Its as if I bought a new one.I also bought a UPS for the computers.I wish I can sue AKELCO and ask them to repay the damages but I know it would seem as if I am banging my head at a brick wall. But I wish they know how damaging it is for their costumers.

Why did I call this post a week full of mishaps? Because after what happened.. everything seems to fall out of place. Work, client’s feedback, productivity and quality.Grrr

The good part is.. its as if I am starting all over again.


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