Help Me Find My Niche

Okay… Ive been quiet and haven’t updated anything in this blog site for weeks. I have long been thinking and planning on what to do with this blog.

Im actually confused as to what topics to talk about and I feel this blog is not organised at all. I just talk about what ever comes to my mind. So I feel I have to basically formulate a system for this particular blog and what I want it to be.

Well my top read post is my post for the Typhoon Frank, I was one of the first Bloggers to publish the news about it. It was such a humbling experience, I was able to help a lot of Aklanons in my own little way by being a point of contact, especially to those who have relatives abroad and are looking for their relatives here.I recently started a new blog dedicated to being a Filipina VA and pink-ness.

I also notice that most of my readers are either aspiring Virtual Assistants or Aklanon’s who are OFW’s.

This is why I am torn into 2…. Will I just go for Virtual Assistant Related Topics or Focus on Aklan?


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