A Day Dedicated to Fathers

IMG_0076Among the 365 days in a year, this is the sole day to honor all the hard work of all the dads in the world.

Father — they are the epitome of strength, the pillar of the family. Without them world will never be the same. Reminiscing my childhood days, I can remember the bonding moments that I once had with my papa. Days he would carry me up in his shoulder, time that mom and I would disturb him while he is reading the newspaper… I can still remember that despite the heavy rain he would go up in our roof to repair it just so we will not get wet inside the house. How he would still report for work even if its flooded in the whole Metro Manila. And now even in his old age, he would still care for us and continue to provide us even if he doesnt have to.

My husband — Im so proud of him. Cause even if he is a house husband, he takes good care of me and my daughter. Of course yes, he is imperfect, (just like the rest of us) but despite the imperfection his love for us esp his daughter outshines. I can never take care of this family without him. He is the best cook (as shown to my sudden weight change), the best friend, and the best father to Mikee.

They have more daddy-daughter moments than us and sometimes I get too jealous.. but i guess, he will constantly be the knight and shining armor in my daughter’s life.

To my dad and mark… happy fathers day


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