Remembering Typhoon Frank

picture-074Time indeed flies so fast. It has already been a year since Typhoon Frank hit the whole Western Visayas. I remember the fear, the sadness, and chaos that was brought by the tragedy leaving hundreds of family homeless.

I remember how my daughter and looked by our window watching the trees fell right in front of us. The loud whistling sound of the wind, the falling trees and raging waves crashing towards the sea wall in New Washington. Our house by then is near the sea so we could actually hear and see the waves crashing, big rocks started to smash the sea walls and houses near it. It was like a scene in a movie. A scene I never imagined possible in real life.

Just hours after, the scenery changed… Our kitchen windows are all broken, our computers inside the office soaking wet… and the community suddenly became like a ghost town… No electricity, no water for seemingly endless days.

I remember the second day after Typhoon Frank we rented a generator. And I started posting pictures about the typhoon… suddenly it spread like crazy, hundreds of people suddenly visited my blog, I received tons of emails asking about how the situation was.

More importantly this gave me a chance to help out in my own little way. I remember the happiness I felt when I was able to deliver a message from the overseas to one of their family members here. Finding their relatives in their behalf…. I let our neighbors use the computers for free in case they would try to call their relatives abroad.

Typhoon Frank may have caused damages to the people here in New Washington and the whole Aklan, however, the tragedy also brought out the best in everyone. Uniting the community and people as one. Sad truth behind is, we have to suffer and survive the wrath of nature in order to bring out peace, love and support from one another.

365 days after, our province get back into shape. Everything went back to normal or should i say even better. New houses, new infrastructures, new life.


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