Looking for Telemarketers

Working at home has open doors of opportunities to most Filipinos nowadays including me! I have been a Virtual Assistant for almost 3 years now and I have enjoyed every single moment of it.

3 years after, I now manage my very own small VA Company >> epVirtual Assistants. And as we approach and celebrate our first year as a company, we are opening our doors to Filipino telemarketers who wanted to start working at home too!

If you are a call center representative who have just got laid off because of recession, or just probably resigned because of personal reasons, this is a chance for you to invest your time and start earning right from the comforts of your home!

-At least 6 months of experience at a Call Center preferably telemarketing experience
-Headset and Computer / Laptop at home
– Internet Access at home

If you are interested to apply please email us your resume at hr@epvirtualassistants.com
We need 5 agents to complete the team so limited slots only. The project is lead generation.

Send in your resumes!


One thought on “Looking for Telemarketers

  1. Hi,

    I am starting a new business here in the United States. I am looking for pricing on off-shore B2B telemarketing. It is simple validation calling where, so there is no selling involved. All you will be doing is simply calling businesses to validate data on telemarketing and/or mailing lists. I will provide the calling list to you. You must agree to never resell the lists I give you as they will be legal property of my clients. You will be calling American businesses to simply confirm information with the receptionist or operator. You will ask them if a particular person still works there and will confirm their job title too. All information will be provided to you on the lists. If the contact name is no longer valid then you will be required to ask for the new name of the person who took over the position. There will be various different types of telemarketing and mailing lists coming your way. This is extremely easy telemarketing. Anyone can do it. I am currently getting quotes/bids from various off-shore telemarketing companies. I am looking to pay no more than 25 cents per contact confirmed. This means you make a phone call, you confirm the data to be true for each phone number (contact name and title), and update if necessary. I do not charge my clients for this updated list until 500 contacts are called and confirmed. Once you have called and confirmed 500 contacts then I will require payment from my client and then I will pay you as soon I get payment from my client which should be within 2 business days of receiving 500 confirmed contacts. It is very possible I will obtain contracts with many businesses for dozens of lists and tens of thousands of contacts to verify, so the money potential here is great. My initial orders may be small but as my business grows I will be giving you many more contacts to verify and am willing to pay up to 25 cents per contact verified. I will have quality control to randomly call some of your confirmed contacts to ensure validity and to make sure you are doing your job.

    Do not bother contacting me if you require any upfront fees in advance as I will only be paying per 500 after 500 is completed and do not contact me if your price is more than 25 cents per contact confirmed.

    Thank you,

    Christian Dean

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