epVirtual Assistants 1st Birthday

For my long time followers (and stalkers!), you are probably already know the story of how I started my home-based business. From being a freelancer, partnering with my cousin and now establishing my own virtual assistance company.

365 days has passed and I can’t believe it went by that fast. It was indeed a remarkable 365 days. As I look back at it, I see challenges, hurts, difficulties, negative feedback from client, and team mates who have joined and left us. But more importantly, I see triumph, success and a bright future ahead for epVirtual Assistants.

We didn’t plan out the party. It was actually just pure cramming but it was one of the most memorable ones I have ever had. July 1st 2009…  Happy 1st birthday epVirtual Assistants!

I gave my team T-shirts for the party and a company mug for each VA. And of course I have given 2 loyal VA’s who also celebrate their 1st year anniversary with epVirtual Assistants>> Anah and Ilyn!

Here are some pics from the party. There’s more in our facebook Fan Page.




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