New Washington Joins The Country In Grief

Yesterday was an extremely sad day for everyone even here in New Washington.

I woke up early to do my routinary work as a Virtual Assistant but I also tuned in to a live stream of the requiem mass for our Presdient Cory. I asked all of my team to wear yellow shirts and pin yellow ribbons too. Pres. Arroyo declared it as a non-working holiday here in the Philippines so my team is only working for 4 hours today. I had to work double during these days.

The streets of New Washington seemed to be doing okay, no yellow ribbons, no banners, nothing. I thought everybody would just carry on with their daily routine.

Because of my work, I have become an introvert. Working almost 16 hours in front of a computer every single day. I barely had the time to go out anymore. As my day starts to unravel, and as the mass started I noticed something very unfamiliar… The streets are extremely quiet. Our house is right beside a national road so normally the sounds of vehicles, tricycles or even multi-cabs is already a part of our daily music.

Strange it is… The only instance I remember having this feeling is during a fight of Manny Pacquiao, but the feeling is more festive as you would hear rages, hurrays and cheers for Manny. This is replaced with an extreme silence. I guess every single house here in New Wash in tuned in to the requiem mass for our dear President Cory. I realized that even without the yellow ribbons, or without the banners. New Washington joing the whole country in grief.

I decided not to watch all of the mass. I have been crying since day one everytime I watch her tributes. I just listened to it from my office. But I cried still, so painfully.

I have never lost a mom. (and I dread that day to come and wish it will never happen) but the loss and pain is so strong. I regret not being able to appreciate Madam Cory while she was still alive. I wish I was older then but I was only a child during her term… Aside from the pain, I was indeed proud. Proud to be a true blooded Filipino, and proud to be a woman.

I kept asking myself, at the age of 28, what have I done so far? Did i give it my best for my community or for the country? I know that for the past 28 years, my accomplishments will never be at par with Pres Cory… good thing is.. I still probably have 20-30 years ahead of me… so much time to do better, for my family, for my community and for the country.

The Philippines has been blessed that we got you Pres. Cory… Farewell


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