Awakening the Trauma Brought by Frank

typhoon-ondoy-victimsIt has been more than a year since Typhoon Frank hit the Western Visayas region. It has left a devastating mark in the province of Aklan. Not only that, Frank scared the hell out of fellow Aklanons. It was more of like a nightmare that we are all trying to forget and escape.

But just 3 weeks ago, the country has suffered under the hands of another strong Typhoon Ondoy. Leaving a wreck out of Manila and nearby cities. Both poor and rich alike, all seek shelter and help to help save their lives from the raging flood. Hundreds of people lost their loved ones and thousands has lost their properties and decades of savings in just less than 24 hours. Not even a week after Ondoy, another Typhoon has hit the country and left hundreds of people homeless is the upper part of Luzon.

I am scared. In fact, I have stopped watching the television since. I have stopped monitoring my Facebook and twitter account for updates. My heart can no longer bear the pain, guilt and hurt seeing my fellow kababayans cry over their lost loved ones. Seeing the fear in their eyes of what the future might bring. Knowing that they dont have enough to hang on to till tomorrow.

These past event has awakened the trauma brought by Typhoon Frank last year. A fear that Ive been trying to conceal. I fear that each passing day, Earth is slowly deteriorating. I fear that my daughter and grand daughters wouldn’t have the same liberty that we once had to play and experience the beauty of mother nature. A fear that there will come a time that there’s isn’t any place left where my kids and whole family will be safe.

As fear slowly takes control of all my thoughts, I prayed. That I and all the Filipinos alike will have more strength to face the future. That may each of these typhoons serve as a lesson for everyone to ponder. That we should all set aside ourselves and our own personal gains and remember to take more care of what we currently have. Not for us… but for the next generations to come…


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