My Journey Towards Financial Peace Begins

I hate Math ever since I was a kid. I always have a hard time solving Math problems. Back in school, I always dread attending my  Math classes and found myself with a Math tutor after class.

Now that school’s a finished chapter in my life, I still find myself struggling with numbers, Money to be exact. I know nothing about handling finances or budgeting therefore, I find myself in a very common situation: “being broke”. I am a typical one-day millionaire kind of gal. If I have money, I find creative ways to spend ALL of it. And now that I am already married, 28 and an entrepreneur, I struggle with handling all of our finances. Yes, I am not scared to admit it.  Almost 6 years after our wedding, hubby and I found ourselves financially drowned and incapable of handling our own finances and at the same time no emergency funds… no savings.

The stress caused by being financially insecure has taken control of my emotions and health recently. Sleepless nights, no appetite and anxiety attacks. Just the thought of not having enough money to provide for my family scares me a lot. Most of the time, I found myself crying in a midst of a prayer and holding on to faith that God will continue to provide. But sometimes, prayer isn’t enough. I know that I should be doing something about my money problems other than praying for it.

I was only on my third week with Liquid church when I saw their message about Financial Peace. And it hit me. I am not alone with this battle. Only then did I realize that there are others as well whose going through rough times because of their wrong decisions and financial immaturity.  That message gave me hope and faith more than ever and I instantly became a huge fan of Dave Ramsey. I said to myself I will sign up for the next Financial Peace University class… and I did…

God truly answers prayer. Cause just last month, liquid church announces enrollment for Financial Peace University. And I didn’t let the opportunity go. And guess what? God gave me more than an answered prayer… He gave me overflowing blessings. Because Liquid church is sponsoring my enrollment for Financial Peace University. (WooHoo!) I can even picture God saying “Yes Ella, its about time you learn how to control money and not let it control you”

Just this Wednesday, I received my FPU Member Kit. Now, I know, this is the start of my journey towards Financial Peace… Thank you Liquid Church for sponsoring my scholarship and most of all for giving me hope and strengthening my faith towards God and a brighter future for my family.


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