2009 Blessings To Thank For

Often, when people ask me about my life, I usually tell stories about the sad part, the challenges and problems that I have gone through. I seldom talk about the blessings, or the happy times. Probably because I hold on more to hurt than appreciate the things that I currently have. So this thanksgiving, I reflect of all the blessings that I received. I’d like to share some of them with you:

1. Good Health – Compared 3 years ago, I have less sickness this year, less visits to my doctor, and most of all No more cancer cells. I am also thankful that my family is in good health for this year.

2. Maturity in Business –  this year has been one of the most trying times for me financially as well as with my Virtual Assistant business. But it is also because of that, that I am thankful for the challenges. Because I have become a more mature entrepreneur. It has opened my eyes to the reality of business and learned valuable lessons that I can only learn through experience. This year, we celerbated our very first year as a company and my 3rd year as a Virtual Assistant.

3. Great and loyal team mates – Because our business went through difficult times, I am so blessed to have a team of loyal friends as part of our team. They who despite the difficulties and challenges, remained with my side, ironing out problems and finding solutions. I am also thankful for our new team members who are adding more value to our growing team of EP Virtual Assistants.

4. Clients – I am thankful for all our long-time clients who have worked with me and my team all these years, understanding our growing pains, and allowing us to build stronger relationships with them that goes far beyond just business.

5. My Online Church Community, Liquid Church – This year, God has lead me to meet a great online church community – Liquid church. Even for just a short amount of time that I have been attending Liquid Church, they have lead me to go back to my journey towards God. They have given me support and care even if they barely know me. And despite the distance, Liquid Church is my source of strength and one of my greatest blessings. They have shown me and made me realize what I have been missing all my life … a true relationship with God.  And I will be forever grateful for them.

6. My family – Although I seldom mention them in my blog, for the past 28 years, my parents and my family are the very best blessings God had given me. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am now…

7. Fellow Filipinos – Yes I am thankful for all my fellow Filipinos. This year the country has faced a lot of trials that tested our unity as a nation. And amidst all the typhoon, the successes and the shortcomings, we still stand united. I haven’t seen our whole country unite and give strength to one another for all of us, reaching out to everyone who are in need in our own little way. Despite what others may think about us, I am still a proud Filipina and will forever be grateful that I was born to be one.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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