Punches of Life

Nobody said Life would be easy. Although to be honest, I grew up thinking it was. That is probably why when my life has suddenly turned upside down, I hit rock bottom… fast.

I’ve been quiet long enough, 2 months of no post, no tweets, no replying to emails, no photos, not much online activity…zero…. And for somebody like me who typically lives and breathes in the virtual world, its tough. For the past 4 years my “virtual world’ is even more colorful than real life. Real friends have become online buddies, my once cubicle-career became a virtual one and facebook has become my social hang-out.

I have spent the last 2 months in the dark. Mom, got admitted to Intensive Care Unit due to heatstroke, Dad was diagnosed with Pneumothorax, my marriage crumbling into pieces, and being drowned in the depths of financial debts. Its as if somebody turned the lights out.

Like a child, I got scared. Scared to loose the ones i loved the most, scared to face the reality that my marriage is about to end, scared to face my financial obligations knowing I wouldn’t know how to handle all of them. I lost control over my emotions which lead me to loose control over my business and my life.

For the first time in my entire life, I accepted the punches of life without putting up a fight.

But even if life knocks me down, I will still try and stand back up again. I don’t know how long it will take me to regain my strength and momentum.  I know I will.

I can. . With God..


3 thoughts on “Punches of Life

  1. Keep looking up and gather your strength. The dark clouds will soon burn out but it is important that you keep yourself together…I know this may sound like a cliche’…but…for the sake of your child you must be strong.

  2. a very courageous post! not many people can talk about their “hardships” much less share it. things are never as they seem. just when you thought you had everything figured out, everything boils over. just when you thought there’s nothing left for you, opportunities abound if you look the other way. life has a funny way of dealing its cards, we just have to learn to accept it, have faith in it, see the bright side of it, & work for it. it’s never easy but there’s no such thing as too hard either, just hard enough!!!

  3. @RJ >> Thanks for the encouragement. It has been more than a month now since I started regaining my strength and momentum although I must admit it is indeed still very far behind from how my life was. I still feel the aftermath of the storm that was. But now I see light, and hope amidst darkness. It is because of people like you, who despite distance and me being a stranger, you chose to shed light to my dark dark world.

    @Kristian >> You are right. I have gathered the remaining ounce of strength that I had before just to post this blog. At first I was doubtful to share this esp with my clients in mind. But I never regret I did. I am hoping that somehow someone will stumble in this post who can relate to the painfulness and sadness of life yet may she / he find the strength and hope that I thought I once lost..

    I am still learning the ropes on how to play my cards and honestly I thought it was too hard. But you are right! There is no such thing as too difficult.. just hard enough.. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and most esp your motivation 🙂

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