True Beauty of Paradise: Zoe Mei Resort, Boracay

Living within the same province where Boracay is, I was blessed to be able to travel to Boracay almost ever year. It will only take us 1 hour and a half (2 at the most if commuting) to drive from New Washington to Caticlan. This makes it easier for me and my family to visit the paradise island if we want to.

This year (as you may have already seen in my previous posts) has been one difficult year for me and my family.There are probably no words to describe the difficulties, trials and stress that we have gone through.  We seemed to have moved on and coped with most of it. But as we travel the road to recovery, I still feel somehow lost, overwhelmed and empty.  I knew right then, I really needed a much needed vacation.

So last week we planned a weekend getaway at Boracay. I really don’t like to stay at the main beach since its crowded,  and too noisy for me… What we really need is a peaceful and private getaway… a place where we can think, relax, and rejuvinate. A client recommended, Zoe Mei Resort in Ilig-Iligan Boracay. I checked google maps right away for the location and saw that it was actually at the opposite of the main beach, perfect getaway for what I have in mind.

When we arrived at Jetty Port, we were welcomed by Zoe Mei‘s friendly staff.  It took us a 30-40 minutes drive from Cagban Jetty Port to the resort. We drove past the big hotels in Boracay and best of all my daughter enjoyed the view from the hills. There is a short road track that is not yet developed, since the resort is located at the top hill. (I wish the government would start developing it.)

But all the stress from traveling was gone when we arrived at the resort. The resort is peaceful and quiet in the midst of the mountain top. We saw monkeys from the trees which was actually a thrill for my 3 year old daughter. My daughter immediately asked where is the beach front. Good thing the beach is 81 steps below which prevented my daughter from heading straight to the beach front.

The rooms and accommodations are huge, and spacious, ideal for families! I didn’t have to worry for space where to put our things. The best part of it was the beach! The scenery was perfect, much like a photo in a Boracay postcards. Serene, peaceful and quiet.  The coral reefs are close! Great site for snorkeling! My daughter and I found aquarium fishes, star fish and even sea urchins! 🙂 They have nipa cottages right at the beach front, umbrellas and even beach resto…

Although the beach is far from the main beach line of Boracay, it doesn’t feel like it. I didn’t have to worry about security or stumbling upon sun bathing guests. we have the beach all by ourselves together with a few other guests. We didn’t even went to the main beach to bathe, we just went there for coffee! (Starbucks!!!)

It was one of the best weekend getaways our family had for a long time. It was truly a time for us to connect and renew our family bonds. We had all the time to chill out, relax, swim, do fun activities together… far away from the stress of real life.

I remember waking up and watching the beautiful sunrise and quietly asking myself whether it was real or still part of a dream. For 3 nights and 4 days, I was silently wishing it wouldn’t end.

We went home with sun-kissed faces, tanned bodies, and a slipper full of white sand. We will defnitely keep coming back!


4 thoughts on “True Beauty of Paradise: Zoe Mei Resort, Boracay

  1. Thanks Ella, this place sounds like my type of place to visit next time I come back for another vacation. Thanks…

  2. i already visited the place and it’s truly amazing , the location is very far from crowded, very relaxing ambiance. i think the place is best for honeymooners. I am planning to have my weeding venue in Zoe Mei Resort. Aside from being beautiful very affordable as well.

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