Being a First Time Mom of a Pre-schooler

Mikee is now attending school. I can’t even believe almost four years have gone by. It just felt as if it was yesterday when I first laid eyes on her… Like what Kristian commented on my facebook wall, children growing up means parents growing old.  Another reality in life that just recently struck me.

The last week has been busy fixing school requirements for Mikee, shopping for her first set of school supplies, attending parent teacher’s orientation, shopping for a new set of outfits while we wait for her school uniform. That was actually the fun part! It could’ve been better if she wasn’t sick last week.She didn’t enjoy the shopping part as much as I did!

The school asked us to bring them to school last Thursday and Friday just so to prepare them for classes this coming Tuesday. Those first 2 days were terrible… Mikee isn’t adjusting well with the wake-up schedule! Her classes starts at 7:30 and we have to wake her up at 5:30AM. She is also not used to eating breakfast that early so for the past 2 school days she went to school with an empty stomach. Because of this, she was throwing tantrums at school.

This has actually struck something inside me. I felt ashamed because of her tantrums, esp in front of other moms and her teachers! But at the same time, I also feel sorry for her! It must’ve been really hard for her to adjust. Then I also started to worry. I couldn’t help but question my parenting skills. Maybe there was something that I missed? I probably have done something the wrong way. Did I wake her up too early? Was I too lax when I allowed her not to eat breakfast before school? What am I missing?

I wonder if most moms out there who sends out their kids to school for the first time feels the same way? I have been reading quite a few online articles lately about how to prepare a children to pre-school and I was sure I did follow most of their advices but somehow it doesnt work on her.

This is one of the moments that I wished there are parenting schools to help us (esp moms) on how to become the best parents in the whole world… Something I would definitely love to excel on…

Mommys, what are your experiences when you first send out your children to school?


One thought on “Being a First Time Mom of a Pre-schooler

  1. thanks for the mention 🙂

    i think that’s just a simple case of parental paranoia, we all go through it. don’t worry too much, i’m sure you’re doing just fine!!!!

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