Hostage Taking In Manila Ended in a Blood Bath

I barely watch the news, if I do, I just watch the good news portion of it or the weather. Particularly because I hate hearing bad news. But today I had to watch the grim of the hostage taking drama in Manila.

All day I was pre-occupied with my usual virtual assistant tasks and I have been hearing bits of the hostage taking in Manila just because of the news flash shown on TV. I said to myself, this will probably be resolved peacefully I guess.

But the ending was a blood bath that has killed lives of Hong Kong tourists. As the events slowly unfold right in front of us, I felt butterflies in my stomach. My 3 year old daughter kept hiding behind her pillow and trying to get our attentions away from the TV. But my husband and I are both glued into it.

I can imagine the horror and terror that the tourists have felt while waiting for the events to slowly unfold. I wonder what were they thinking? I wonder how they try to calm themselves as the suspect shoots the other tourists. Did anyone try to fight against him? Or did they all just surrender to his power.

It was probably because the police tried to imprison his brother that triggered him to kills his hostages. It had probably drove him mad to see his relatives being hurt and overtaken by the police officers. These relatives were just there to help the policemen to end the hostage drama. 😦

It was very alarming to witness the lack of training of our policemen. This hostage taking lasted 12 hours. As we hear each gun shot, my heart beats faster and faster. I wanted to shout to them and say do something already! There are lives at stake and our policemen are just standing outside waiting….

Lack of tactics… One reporter said they practiced in a bus nearby but the police didn’t take into consideration the type of bus. The windows are made of flexi glass, you can’t just destroy it by a hammer!

How did Rolando Mendoza managed to stay alive despite all the tear gas thrown inside the bus, that I don’t know. How the other tourists survive the terror, that is to me a divine intervention. God is truly there with them protecting them…

Hong Kong has already released a warning via OTA or Outbound Travel Alert system and tagged the Philippines as a severe threat to all the travellers. “Serious kidnap incident happened in the Philippines, residents should avoid all travel to the country; those who are already there should attend to their personal safety and exercise caution.”


There goes our tourism down the drain!

Im sure our policemen will be a laughing stock in the next coming weeks esp in the International Scene… Im sure this will cause another negative mark against us Filipinos. I am praying for peace.

I hope that our fellow Filipinos esp those that are currently working in Hong Kong will not take the effect of what happened. I hope that they will be spared from judgment.

Lets keep praying for our country


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