Living In A ShoeBox

It has been almost 2 months since I left my hometown New Washington, Aklan. I moved in a nearby city hoping to find better and more stable net connection. I really wished New Washington is more equipped and that it can provide its residents with a more upto-date facilities otherwise, I would’ve definitely stayed there for good.

I still miss the walk in the beach, the weekend stroll sa bay-bay, ang paglagaw sa plaza (stroll in the park) and most importantly being close to my parents. Leaving was indeed hard but I don’t have regrets.

Now that Im living here in a more “urban” setting, I have noticed the big difference. I got a connection of 1mbps plus wifi! This broadband plan is never available to New Washington residents. 😦 This alone is already one of the best decision I have made. Not only did it made a huge impact in my day to day life but it also helped me increase my productivity as an offshore virtual assistant.

Everything here is so accessible. Mall, market, hospitals drugstores and not to mention fast food chains! I can eat and order burger even at 8pm 🙂 (I know its still early compared to Manila but thats the latest time I can get it here). 2 months after moving in and I haven’t even explored the whole place 🙂

The only downside to it though is that we are literally living in a shoebox. Its more of like a mini-condo unit. No bedrooms, No divider, nothing! Im not really used to living in a very small and tight space. Plus 2 adults plus a toddler fitting in this room may seem impossible to some. The good side of it though is that cleaning is super fast and easy. It wont even last more than 2 hours for a general cleaning! Plus now I get to tame down my shopping urges. Why? Because before I buy anything I keep reminding my self about our problem with storage. 🙂

I miss my hometown, but being in a semi-urban setting makes me feel like I am back in the city 🙂


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