Our Unexpected Day Out :)

Ever since I started working at home as an offshore virtual assistant, I barely have time to travel. I know it should be the opposite right? Most VA’s I know have all the time in the world to work anywhere they want to… Well not me..

One Wednesday morning, I told my hubby that I am bored to death working just inside the house. He suggested I go to a cafe for a change of mood and I said I am tired of that too! I want to do something new, go somewhere I haven’t been.

And a great idea popped in my head. We haven’t been to Bakhawan Eco Park. We planned to visit that before but it didn’t materialize. So I asked him why not go now.

If you knew my husband personally you know his reply would be.. “next time na lang”. But I guess my charm was working wonders that day because he gave in 🙂 After fetching Mikee from school we headed on to the place without even telling Mikee where we’re going.

On our way, she wouldn’t stop asking questions where are we headed or why aren’t we going home.  I was happy we kept it as a surprise…

The place isn’t that visually appealing at first, you wouldn’t even notice the welcome sign unless you are really looking for it. Entrance Fee is just Php15.00 per person and cottage rental is just Php100.00 Yehey!

SO we started walking… and walking and walking along the bamboo bridge. At that time it was high tide, and the walkway is seemingly endless. I thought I wouldn’t make it to the end. I wasn’t even looking around the place because I focused my attention in the pathway. I was so scared that because Im big I might end up breaking one of the bamboo floors and I will fall. Mikee on the other hand was playfully jumping up and down the pathway and showed no trace of fear.

I wish I could be like her… 🙂 I remember holding my breath in ever step I make esp when we got to the middle of the trip to the highest peak of the pathway. I remember thinking why did I even ask for this trip…

After like 30 minutes of walking we reached the picnic area where new mangroves are planted and just growing. Thats the only time I really let loose. We had a simple lunch and Mikee was eager to take a bath. We didn’t bring any clothes with us and I wasn’t even sure if it was allowed.

Then I stopped, closed my eyes and just listened. Not too far from our  cottage is the beach. I can hear the waves crashing, I hear singing birds and animals that I haven’t even heard of before… I took a deep breath…. This is what Ive been missing, life back to its simplicity…. No mobile phones, no radio, no cars passing by, just nature…

Mikee and I went down the cottage, we chased mudskippers, snails and other creatures… We saw snakes for the first time, eels, fishes etcetera! It was indeed fun and one of the best picnic adventure we ever had as a family… we’re definitely coming back for more 🙂


One thought on “Our Unexpected Day Out :)

  1. Thanks for this post. I really enjoyed reading it. If you don’t mind my asking, is it possible to visit this place on a short notice? I have a few hours to kill in Kalibo while I wait for my companions. How do I go to this place from the airport? Thanks so much.

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