A Letter to my daughter Mikee on her 4th Birthday

To my daughter Mikee,

I know you can’t read this just yet. You’re still learning how to read and it will probably take another year before you can read my letter…

Last night while I was creating a video of your photos, I cried… I cried because you are an answered prayer….

I realized that all the hardships and pain that mama and papa went through just to have you in our lives is all worth it… we waited for you for 3 years, and you came in an unexpected time. And when you did, everything else doesn’t matter… just you…

I remember holding you close for the first time that night. You stared into my eyes as if you knew who I was. You silently watched me as tears roll down my eyes.

I remember how HUGE papa smiled the first time he laid eyes on you.

HE was the happiest person in the room.

I remember your first cry that night and how papa and I panicked not knowing what to do…

I remember how you used to be just a sweet, smiliing baby girl who finds joy in simplest forms….

Last night, I held you in my arms while you sleep… you are now 10 times bigger, heavier, taller and even more beautiful in my eyes. How did the years manage to slip by without me noticing it. I know in my heart you will grow up to be a confident and loving girl. I just wish that God will grant me more years to be with you.

I want to see you grow old to be the best person you want to be… I want to be there when you move up to your grade school years…I want to go up that stage and give you your high school diploma. I want to be there during your first crush, your first kilig moments and your first love. We will cry together in times of pain, and I will be your biggest fan in every victory…

I know Mama is not the perfect mother there is. And I wont strive to be one. I just wish that despite my imperfections you will still love me. Mama and Papa once gave up everything we have for you… and I will definitely do that ten more times just to have you as our daughter…

Thank you bhe for giving us the happiness….

Happy 4th birthday


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