Castles, Birthdays, Canada and Halloween In Aklan

Since my daughter’s 4th birthday I have been wearing the “Super Mom’s” hat and barely had time to work on client projects. I was overwhelmed by preparing my daughters Merlia inspired birthday theme, to preparations for the United Nations day and then to Halloween.

October is definitely the happiest month of 2010 for us.

We celebrated my daughters birthday in a “Castle” yes, literally a castle. Finally a new hotel / resort has been built in Numancia Aklan. When we first saw the hotel, I know in my heart my daughter will fall in love with it. We had to check it out right away. Good thing, Nadal Castle isn’t that pricey as it seems. Thanks to all the wonderful staff of Nadal Castle who made my daughters 4th birthday a reality. Would definitely recommend that you guys check them out. The only thing I would recommend that they improve is to have their wi-fi service repaired so the customers (esp moms) can surf away while kids soak under the sun 🙂

2 days after my daughters birthday, I had to prepare for the school’s United Nations celebration. I had to practice my internet research skills looking for Canadian recipes and Canadian Costumes. Good thing there’s a lot of Ukay-Ukay (2nd hand shops) here in Kalibo and I was able to find this lovely jacket (I honestly don’t know what it’s called) and find a perfect hair accessory to match her look.  Would you believe that the jacket + the hair accessory is just Php175.00 all in all? 🙂 It was the first time I saw my daughter sing together with her classmates up on stage. Truly made me beaming with pride and joy. Especially when other moms called her and said she looked more of like Princess Sarah 🙂

I was so inspired with the UN celebration that I promised myself I would see to it Mikee wins the upcoming Halloween Party at school for the costume. I didn’t have to go look for a costume in Ukays or thrift store. My mom managed to preserve all of my gowns when I was little. So I decided Mikee will wear one of those. Mikee and I researched for her look. We scoured make up tutorials at you tube. She was so scared at one of the make up with a burned woman and decided we’d go for that. Good thing I have a background in theater way back in college and I managed to pull off the look. (I will post the before and after look in FB).

After 2 hours of gruesome pasting and struggling to have Mikee behave in her chair, this is the final look:

Scary Right?

She was an instant hit when we arrived in school. Most kids her age ran away from her and cried because they thought it was a real one. Moms would ask me if its okay to take photos with Mikee. Teachers would welcome her and say she looked awesome. Of course I also came in with a matching outfit (thanks to another thrift store!). And yes we were able to bring home the bacon. We won the Best in Costume and Best In Catwalk! 🙂

I have missed a lot of deadlines at work, and now my head hurts thinking how I can regain my momentum. But do I have any regrets at all? Of course not. I wouldn’t trade those unforgettable moments with her 🙂


One thought on “Castles, Birthdays, Canada and Halloween In Aklan

  1. hi ella,
    wow! i have passed by that castle for a couple of times but never had the chance to drop in and see. thanks for this. will hopefully check it out during this holiday season. 😉

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