30 Things To Do Before I Hit 30!

I am excited for the year 2011. One of the reasons is because I will be turning 30! Yes 3 decades or fun-filled memories, learnings and love.

While I was busy creating lists and planning for the year ahead, I decided to do something different for myself this year. I will try to do 30 New Things in my life. And I am going to ask you to also help me remember this (esp at times when I don’t feel like it!)

Here they are:

  1. Create a You Tube music video – yes I am a frustrated singer! I can’t hit high notes like Charice but I know I can sing. So I want to get even just a few minutes of You Tube stardom 🙂
  2. Get rid one of my fears – I have fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of cockroaches and a whole lot more. I am still undecided as to what fear I would need to face but I will have to choose one before August 18th.
  3. Drive my own car – I managed to purchase a car (twice!) but because of financial difficulties in 2010 I had to give it up. Before I hit 30, I am decided to buy another one again and this time I am going to share the driver’s seat with hubby (whether he likes it or not!)
  4. Travel to a new place – I miss the adventure and thrill of traveling to an unknown place. I miss the thrill of exploring.
  5. Buy an expensive gift for myself! – IPAD! Yes you’re going to be mine 🙂
  6. Buy an expensive gift for my parents – I want to buy them a new Television (sshhh don’t tell them!)
  7. Buy an expensive gift for Hubby – I honestly don’t know what it would be but I hope to buy him something he wanted for years 🙂
  8. Meet my half brother in person
  9. Have a full dental work-up
  10. Visit an orphanage and volunteer time work for them
  11. Write an Ebook – hopefully an ebook that I can sell
  12. Pay a stranger’s bill in a grocery
  13. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise
  14. Sleep under the stars
  15. Eat in one of the most expensive restaurant – and try new food 🙂
  16. Ride a roller coaster
  17. Travel through plane
  18. Get me or my virtual assistant biz featured in one of the local magazines / website or TV shows
  19. Go back to school
  20. Meet one of my clients in person
  21. Tattoo
  22. Try our Zipline
  23. Loose 20lbs
  24. Have an appointment with a dermatologist
  25. Do something good for the environment
  26. Have a photo shoot by a professional photographer
  27. Become a Guest Speaker
  28. Learn a new skill – either advance web design or graphic design skills
  29. Get it touch with my biological mom
  30. Go back to school!

I still have 232 days to complete all of them  🙂

What about you? What do you want to achieve before you hit your 30th birthday?


One thought on “30 Things To Do Before I Hit 30!

  1. I’ll also be turning 30 by the end of the year and I haven’t thought about 30 things to do before I hit 30 lol :p

    I guess I’ll just try to reflect 30 things I’ve done before I reached 30 🙂

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