After 730 days, Ella is…

Celebrated my 31st birthday in Boracay

Celebrated my 31st birthday in Boracay

730 days has passed since I last updated this blog. For sure I have lost a lot of readers and followers within those 730 days of silence. Some of you may have followed me on my other site but most of you will be new readers, that’s for sure.

What happened in between?

There are a lot of things that happened (and didn’t happen) within those 730 days. I cannot squeeze them all up in this one post but Im thinking it would be fun to list them all up here:

  • I failed in my first VA business. Yes, epvirtualassistants is now closed (for 2 years now) but paved the way for a new and better VA business. In my own opinion, the more failures I go through, the better.
  • I now have 2 kids. 🙂
  • I moved out of New Washington but still living here in Aklan. (and thinking of moving back to New Washington as of this writing)
  • Still work from home, but we now have a new office just a few blocks away from home.
  • Been knocked out by life emotionally and financially countless times between those 730 days. But I’m still standing… (and blogging for that matter)

Now that I’m back in the blogging scene…

Well, I missed blogging. I tried setting up a new blog but failed in keeping it up to date because of business. Im still thinking of reviving my other blog sometime this year, but until then, I will use this venue to post my vent outs, trips, achievements and everything in between.

How have you been since the last 730 days?





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