About Ella

SAM_0577Ella, is no ordinary 31 years old Filipina. There are a lot of good (and bad) things about me. But I wont bore you with the nasty details of it all. Here’s a list, a whirlwind introduction about me.

  • I am born in Manila but now quietly living in Aklan
  • I am a proud adopted daughter and because of my pleasant experience, I am also a proud adoptive parent of my 2 beautiful children
  • I love eating Nagaraya with Rice
  • Didn’t get to march during College graduation but I am a proud CEO of my virtual assistant company
  • I hate the news (gives me butterflies when watching those CCTV footage)
  • I run my business from the comforts of my home and just manage to be in the office at least once or twice a week
  • I am a meat and chicken person (not in veggies or fish)
  • I love beaches and the outdoors but I’m not the athletic type.
  • I have a strong desire for organizing esp work spaces but I’m not really that organized myself.
  • Christian, once a back slider but now in my road back to Him.
  • I don’t easily get mad, but if I do… (well you probably don’t want to know what happens next…)

I guess there is more to add to this list but these sums it all up.

Its January, 2013 by the time I am updating this so maybe next year, there will be more to this list.


16 thoughts on “About Ella

  1. hi ella…i recently found out that there’s a career to being a VA and i was fortunate to come accross your site while i was looking on how to become one…

    If you wouldnt mind…can you give me some advice on where to start, where to apply and how to become a Virtual Assistant.

    Thank you and more power!

  2. Ella is remarkable. Herself as well as her team are very hard working and professional individuals. I have provided them with many tasks and they always send it back above and beyond my expectations. As my business grows, I hope to help her’s grow as well. 🙂

  3. hi ella. i have roots in new washington too. my father’s a tupas and, like you, many summers were spent in cawayan, ochando and fatima. your blogs have rekindled memories of the past when we were all kids running on the beach. my dad’s humble home in fatima was just a few steps away from the beach. looking back, that was nature at its purest. thanks so much for this site.

  4. Wow! Taga New Washington Gid!!!, well, dear ELLA, go back to bay-bay and maligos kita on saint john the baptist day!!!, and blessed be with you w/this site, don’t forget i wear swimming tanggassss.

    • Hello Remy. I was in the baybay last June, and I didn’t notice any gal wearing tangas… probably i was not looking carefully at all. take care!

  5. New Washington? Like you need a visa, feeling stateside lang talaga. I’m Nonoy Ely from Cawayan. Hi Tops Tupas anyo kang kulamog ha?Ella who?

    • Hello Ely. Thanks for visiting my blog. My parents are low profile here but my hubby is a Pelayo. I grew up in Manila but my parents are from here. So honestly i dont understand what a “kulamog” is… Hope you enjoy reading my posts

  6. Hi Ms. Ella,

    Nice to hear that a beautiful and intelligent lady like you happens to be my kababayan. I’m from Mataphao and my husband is from Guinbaliwan. I was born and grew up in Manila so with my two kids. Though I completed my elementary in Candelaria and high school in Kalantiaw Institute. We’re planning to spend our vacation in Aklan this coming May. We will be attending my grandmother’s 100 years old bithday, then planning to go to Maria Mercedes Beach Resort. May I ask how much will I spend in going to the said resort? Thanks a lot. Hope to meet you personally.

    • Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for dropping by at my blog. Great to hear that you will be visiting New Washington again next month. Its very very affordable to visit Maria Mercedes Resort. If I am not mistaken, the entrance fee is just 35 per head. The cottage (I think) might range from 100-200 for the whole day. I hope that you will enjoy your vacation here. And hope to meet you 🙂 God Bless

  7. hi ella can i ask something are a you a christian actually im still 14 years old but your blog helps me a lot about my project when i was in second year high school i just want to say thank you….
    I’M FROM CEBU STUDYING AT ABELLANA NATIONAL SCHOOL but actually its a public school….

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