Living In A ShoeBox

It has been almost 2 months since I left my hometown New Washington, Aklan. I moved in a nearby city hoping to find better and more stable net connection. I really wished New Washington is more equipped and that it can provide its residents with a more upto-date facilities otherwise, I would’ve definitely stayed there for good.

I still miss the walk in the beach, the weekend stroll sa bay-bay, ang paglagaw sa plaza (stroll in the park) and most importantly being close to my parents. Leaving was indeed hard but I don’t have regrets.

Now that Im living here in a more “urban” setting, I have noticed the big difference. I got a connection of 1mbps plus wifi! This broadband plan is never available to New Washington residents. 😦 This alone is already one of the best decision I have made. Not only did it made a huge impact in my day to day life but it also helped me increase my productivity as an offshore virtual assistant.

Everything here is so accessible. Mall, market, hospitals drugstores and not to mention fast food chains! I can eat and order burger even at 8pm 🙂 (I know its still early compared to Manila but thats the latest time I can get it here). 2 months after moving in and I haven’t even explored the whole place 🙂

The only downside to it though is that we are literally living in a shoebox. Its more of like a mini-condo unit. No bedrooms, No divider, nothing! Im not really used to living in a very small and tight space. Plus 2 adults plus a toddler fitting in this room may seem impossible to some. The good side of it though is that cleaning is super fast and easy. It wont even last more than 2 hours for a general cleaning! Plus now I get to tame down my shopping urges. Why? Because before I buy anything I keep reminding my self about our problem with storage. 🙂

I miss my hometown, but being in a semi-urban setting makes me feel like I am back in the city 🙂


Overflowing Gifts From God

Last Saturday I actually bought a box of colored chalks for my 3 year old daughter. I wanted to have some tools for her to practice writing. We had fun drawing shapes, animals and writing alphabets on our wall. I totally forgot she is asthmatic. Hours after being exposed to it, she already showed signs of asthma.

I prayed that it wouldn’t lead to anything serious but it did. Tuesday, I found ourselves lining up in a government hospital’s emergency room. This is her second time to be hospitalized just this year alone all because of Asthma. The first time we spent one day in the hospital but this time we stayed longer…

With Mikee being sick, and with very little money left in my wallet I panicked. How on earth will I be able to pull it through with barely 4000 pesos in my wallet? I tried so hard to compose myself and make sure I didn’t show any signs of worry despite the fact that I am already in my panic mode deep within.

I almost forgot that we have an awesome God. A God who despite all our shortcomings continues to shower us blessings that we cannot contain. A superb God who heals all our diseases and pain. A loving Father who listens to our cries and fears and gives us hope that in the end everything will work they way He planned it. That day, I surrendered.

Mikee’s condition seem to show slow progress in the first 2 days of the hospital. She would be active and playful during mornings but would be very sick at night. And everytime I see her breakdown, I try to hold my emotions and be strong for her… I have asked friends to pray for her continously every passing day. And I am glad I did.

4 days after, we’re back home.

While worrying for Mikee’s health, I worry about our mounting hospital bills and payables. With the outbreak of Dengue in our province, almost every close family I know has been a victim or has a patient in the hospital, thus there’s no way I can loan money from them. And when the doctor said we  can go home, we practically don’t have enough to pay the bill, not even half of it…

But it was also God’s way of telling me, “Ella, stop worrying cause I will take it from here..” It was as if God has pushed me over to a cliff, holding my hands and spreading it as if it has wings, telling me to let go and just trust that He will not let me fall…

I hesitated…. I worried…. I was afraid… but I let go…. I trusted Him.

Help and blessings overflowed. God sent “angels” to help us get out of it and get through all these trying times. It feels as if I am flying with wings…

This week I have learned the lesson of trusting God and His Awesomeness… I am no longer afraid….

Lord, thank you for sending those angels… and more importantly, thank you for being an awesome God.

*Photo is an original Photo of Marc Soller

Online Jobs and Virtual Assistant Postings

Years back, I used to post online job postings and VA Postings for my readers and I decided to bring it back. For those of you who are planning to work from home, I will be posting weekly job postings for you every Monday.

I started working as a Virtual Assistant via Its simple and best of all its FREE. All you need to do is to sign up, create a profile, order your debit card for payments and you’re ready to start bidding.

Data Entry > Compile Sports Data

“I need someone to enter school sport coaches into a spreadsheet from several different schools. For each coach, you would enter: first name, last name, school, sport, job title, etc…”

Personal Assistant >> Virtual Assistant

“I am looking for a Virtual Assistant / Online Secretary for about 1- 2 hours a day ; 5 days a week;  for a long period of time…”

Research >> TWG List Research

“I need someone who can quickly dig for and pull together an quality mailing list for use in contacting university programs in the U.S., U.K. and Israel. …”

Transcription >> Transcriptionist

“We have overflow of files and I am looking for full-time or part time home-based transcriptionists.

I also need reliable transcribers who makes sure that the files meet the deadline. Prefer transcriptionists from the Philippines.”

Publisher Table Creation

“I have several word docs that consist of empty tables.  For instance, one document is a monthly calendar design.  I need all the word docs to be converted into MS publisher.  Thus, you will need to redraw all the tables on each word doc into a new doc using MS Publisher.”

Remember, you need to sign-up at first before you can bid on the projects. Happy Bidding!

Nova and Nosebleed Experience

I was having a great morning, Mikee went to school, mom’s here for a visit, and we are all having a fun chat. Mikee was busy watching a Filipino horror film while eating “Nova” (a junk food). Mom and I are busy chatting, when all of a sudden Mikee cam rushing with a bleeding nose.

I panicked.

She fearfully said “Mama my pinasok ako sa ilong ko” (Mom I placed something inside my nose). I panicked even more.

What on earth was she thinking? And what possibly could she put inside her nose? An earring? A stone?

I calmly asked her what she placed inside but everytime I did she would panick, shout and cry. Fearful that I might get angry or that it will hurt to get it out…

I asked her to sneeze it out… She patiently did but just more bleeding…

I remembered we have a neighbor who is a doctor… we ran…

But his car is already out…

We ran back to the house. I grabbed a bag (a wrong one thats my moms instead of mine) and head straight out to the hospital…

Tricycle!!!! I shouted in panic mode…. 3 tricycle passed by and its all full… when we finally got in… Mom said you forgot to turn off the stove for the rice…

Geesh! My adrenalin is so high that I didn’t even remember to shut it out. We had to come back of the house might be on fire…

So Mikee’s nose is bleeding and here we are going back to the house to turn off the stove…

To cut the long story short, we finally went to the emergency room. After ear breaking shouts, cries, and peacefully taming Mikee’s panic mode, the nurses managed to get her to the xray room…

I prayed that whatever she placed in her nose is not dislodge somewhere difficult to get out…

Thank God He answered my prayer… the nurses managed to get it out of her nose….

We are finally back home and Mikee seems to dead tired to do anything and she is just sleeping so peacefully…

Looking back now this is definitely funny…. however, being a mom, it was a scare of my life….

As soon as Mikee’s up, I will try to ask her, what on earth was she thinking sticking that to her tiny cutie nose!


Dengue Cases in Aklan and How to Avoid it

Being a mom , I can’t help but worry about the increasing dengue cases in Aklan. According to the latest release of PIA, the dengue cases in the whole Aklan is now at 554.

According to PIA, Kalibo owns the highest with 159, followed by Numancia, with 84; New Washington, 61; Banga, 35; Malay, 33; Makato, 29; Batan, 29; Lezo, 18; Altavas, 17; Malinao, 17; Ibajay and Tangalan, 13 each; Balete, 12; Libacao, 9; Nabas, 6 and Madalag, 4.

But how do we truly protect our loved ones from Dengue fever? Here are some useful tips from

1. Use an insect repellent with 20-30% DEET. Any less is ineffective and any more can cause side effects. Use on any exposed skin, particularly during the early morning and evening hours when mosquitoes are most active. Spray aerosol outside and in well ventilated areas to avoid inhalation.

2. Wear long sleeves and pants if you are outside during the day and evening hours. This is particularly important if you are traveling to moist areas like rivers, lakes, swamps, and marshes.

3.  Spray insect repellent on clothing. Mosquitoes can bite through thin clothing. Be sure to spray clothing in the evening hours.

More tips can be found here: How to Avoid Dengue Fever |

As a mom, we have to be very cautious in protecting the health and wellness of our loved ones. For me I have to make extra precautions, clean our house and surroundings daily, I let her wear thick stockings at school. I buy organic mosquito repellent from human heart nature and I see to it when she’s outdoor she wears complete protection. At times I feel I am exaggerating but every time we visit relatives at the hospital, I am reassured that I am just doing my part.

What about you? Do you have any tips on how we can prevent Dengue?

Hostage Taking In Manila Ended in a Blood Bath

I barely watch the news, if I do, I just watch the good news portion of it or the weather. Particularly because I hate hearing bad news. But today I had to watch the grim of the hostage taking drama in Manila.

All day I was pre-occupied with my usual virtual assistant tasks and I have been hearing bits of the hostage taking in Manila just because of the news flash shown on TV. I said to myself, this will probably be resolved peacefully I guess.

But the ending was a blood bath that has killed lives of Hong Kong tourists. As the events slowly unfold right in front of us, I felt butterflies in my stomach. My 3 year old daughter kept hiding behind her pillow and trying to get our attentions away from the TV. But my husband and I are both glued into it.

I can imagine the horror and terror that the tourists have felt while waiting for the events to slowly unfold. I wonder what were they thinking? I wonder how they try to calm themselves as the suspect shoots the other tourists. Did anyone try to fight against him? Or did they all just surrender to his power.

It was probably because the police tried to imprison his brother that triggered him to kills his hostages. It had probably drove him mad to see his relatives being hurt and overtaken by the police officers. These relatives were just there to help the policemen to end the hostage drama. 😦

It was very alarming to witness the lack of training of our policemen. This hostage taking lasted 12 hours. As we hear each gun shot, my heart beats faster and faster. I wanted to shout to them and say do something already! There are lives at stake and our policemen are just standing outside waiting….

Lack of tactics… One reporter said they practiced in a bus nearby but the police didn’t take into consideration the type of bus. The windows are made of flexi glass, you can’t just destroy it by a hammer!

How did Rolando Mendoza managed to stay alive despite all the tear gas thrown inside the bus, that I don’t know. How the other tourists survive the terror, that is to me a divine intervention. God is truly there with them protecting them…

Hong Kong has already released a warning via OTA or Outbound Travel Alert system and tagged the Philippines as a severe threat to all the travellers. “Serious kidnap incident happened in the Philippines, residents should avoid all travel to the country; those who are already there should attend to their personal safety and exercise caution.”


There goes our tourism down the drain!

Im sure our policemen will be a laughing stock in the next coming weeks esp in the International Scene… Im sure this will cause another negative mark against us Filipinos. I am praying for peace.

I hope that our fellow Filipinos esp those that are currently working in Hong Kong will not take the effect of what happened. I hope that they will be spared from judgment.

Lets keep praying for our country

Cebu Internet Marketing Workshop

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